I am mounting a Holley 4150 on the Offy 5416 intake on a Chevy 292 4.8L. The 5416 intake includes a mounting plate that requires the carb to be mounted sideways. However, this causes the throttle linkage to hit the intake manifold, which leaves three options: (1) Cut the linkage on a new carb – don’t want to do that; (2) use a ½” spacer to raise the carb – maybe, but hood clearance issues, and (3) use an adapter to rotate the carb front-to-back, which is what the Holley 4150 instructions say to do.
Can I use one of the Offy 5832 adapters to replace the mounting plate that comes with the intake? in other words, will this adapter fit the 5416 intake, thereby allowing me to rotate the carb front-to-back instead of raising it sideways with an aftermarket spacer?

LostChord Asked question February 23, 2022