About Us

Offenhauser Sales Corporation founded in 1946 by Fred C. Offenhauser and Fran Hernandez. Originally located in Culver City, California the company later moved to El Sereno neighborhood of the City of Los Angeles.

Offenhauser still mints and machines each part by hand in our machine shop where we have been located since 1957. Every Offenhauser part is made from the highest quality alloys available at Bell Foundry in South Gate, California. Each Offenhauser casting is made from an original pattern carved from wood by hand. Offenhauser is one of the oldest aftermarket auto part makers in the world and has continually operated for over 70 years.

Offenhauser has a reputation for making the finest upgrade performance engine parts, including many unique industry leading intake manifold designs and replacement cylinder heads. Offenhauser is still family owned and operated in Los Angeles, California.