I drive by every morning seeing that little sign on the building thinking one of the most important names in indy car history is just up the street, just as when I was working near Pico Rivera I’d drive by “AK” Miller’s shop & thought of the glory days of racing.
Considering that, I hope you do put up some links to all those things, especially the legendary front motor cars that dominated indy for so many years, & some of the “inside stories” behind the Lotus collab and other famous one-offs.
You have a lot of history & some incredible R&D stories & information, engineering far beyond just what is shown here on the site, & probably other great stuff unrelated to the automotive industry as well.

A lot of those people are still around, but aging fast, & this would be a great place to archive some of that (and of course would drive up site traffic)
My favorite coffee place up the street & across from you just closed up recently, & I hope your business is doing well enough to not fade into history too.
Thanks for still being there!