I’ve been unable to find anything about using one of your 273/318 Mopar dual quad intake manifolds on a 360 Mopar in your Q&A forums.

Could you please advise if your 273/318 low rise dual quad #5615 manifold can be used on a Mopar 360 without any modifications?  And if not, can they be modified through porting, or some other machining process, in order for them to be used on a Mopar 360?  Since the external dimensions of the 273, 318, 340, and 360 Mopar blocks are virtually the same, perhaps the port sizing of 273/318 cylinder heads is the difference?

If the port sizing is the difference, is there any reason the ports on the #5615 manifold could not be enlarged?  Please note that I do have access to a very capable machine shop.  If so, can you also please advise your current lead time on the 5615?

Many Thanks in anticipation!

admin_offenhauser Answered question January 16, 2023