My name is Todd Brawley I’m United States Army retired combat veteran and disabled. I’m building a 1978 Chevrolet C10 short bed hot rod, that belong to my son that passed away tragically two years ago.   At a race last year ,a racer from the TV show who asked not to say his name, told me to hit vendors and tell them what I was doing and why I was doing and he said you would be surprised at how many people would make donations…so I’m asking for a donations. I have a 350 that’s been bored 30 over all of it recently done and all the machine work was donated. I have a new 4340 steel crank and 4340 connecting rods. Speedpro donated the 8.5 to 1 boost application Pistons. Flotek has donated a set of their 200 series aluminum cylinder heads. Crowler has donated a 531 lift cam. I have another Cam that is a crane cam is a 480 lift. I don’t know who sent it because they didn’t send a return address as to who sent it. Several vendors have been more than gracious to include K&N has sent us a case of air filters and oil filters Fel-Pro has sent us every gasket.  Clevit has sent us all the bearings, and Kevco oilpan.A new transmission, roller rockers,And there’s so much more I can’t even list it all here. Some stuff is used, but i will use it anyway.  One of my friends from church knows that I’m disabled. I got hurt bad in Iraq and I can’t stand very long or sit very long, do to my injuries to the right side of my body, has giving me space in his shop and is helping me with the build of the truck. I can machine and fabricate, but Bill does most of my welding for me. His shop is Extreme Performance in Monroe North Carolina. Our plan was to put some sort of boost application be a turbo or supercharger. A lot of vendors just sent us t-shirts and stickers and that’s really great, we put them up even if they don’t donate and we wear the advertised just because they at least thought that much of us. If you need pictures that’s not a problem,  I’ve taken pictures from start to now. Thanks for your time and hope we are considered to use your product.
Thanks again and GODSPEED
Todd Brawley US ARMY Retired
136 Oakleaf Lane
Wingate NC28174
I still need steering wheel, seats, roll cage, window seals, converter, starter, ,shifter, carburetor,  valve covers, some kind of boost, fuel cell, and and intake.  Any donation is a blessing, dented, scratched or used.

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