Hello Offy folks:

For the 7001-DP, can you please provide the exact height of the carb mounting base from the bottom of the valley pan on a Buick 215?  What is the slope angle of the base pad and can it be milled down level (the slope adversely affects my installation as the engine is mounted back-to-front in my application). The clearance above my carburetor (a 500 cfm Edelbrock 1404 with Spectre low profile inlet plenum) is extremely tight and I would like to mill the base pad down level to approx. 1mm above the top of the main casting surface where your name is in raised lettering (about the same height as your raised lettering in fact).

As my 215 will only ever see a max rpm of 4300-4400, do you think the 7001-DP is the best of your two manifolds or should I be trying to make the 5165 work by removing the thick cast base pad, machining the casting beneath it level, and then replacing the thick base pad with a thin 4130 plate to mount my 1404?

Will either of these manifolds work with a 600 cfm Holley 0-1850AS or is that simply too much carb for these units? What is the best carb you would recommend to mount on either of these manifolds for max power & torque at 4300 rpm?

Thank you kindly for your assistance with all these questions for my one-off installation that requires the use of your lowest installed height manifold. TW