I am using an early NOS 400Jr Isky cam in a 8BA block with a merc crank and your part number 56056312 adaptor on the cam.  Also in use is your 8BA 49-53 timing gear, crank gear and timing cover 56056310.  Upon assembly, I noticed a gap between the distributor gear on the cam and the machined surface on the cover designed to prevent cam walk of about 1/8 of an inch by eye. This would be way out of spec for cam walk.  After thinking,  should I be using the 48 timing gear and crank gear to direct the thrust to the back of the block considering I am using the early cam in the later block? I had to have the timing gear machined slightly to accept the adaptor.  I just assumed the adaptor would work with the later gears.  Again and after thinking it is probably less common to run an early cam in a later block so there isn’t a ton of info on this.  Thank you very much!


admin_offenhauser Changed status to publish April 4, 2018