While watching your video about your business, it appears you may have everything needed to make everything in the catalog. As many of the larger parts appear to be single cast and finish, are you planning to take special orders, directly or though your vendors, for items not stocked by your retail partners?

For example item #5977 “4 Weber Carb Top” for the BBC Large Rectangle Port Turbo-Thrust base, listed on page 14 of the catalog downloadable from your site.

CJ Marshowler Posted new comment April 21, 2023

Thanks for the reply; I was mistaken, it’s not your video, the image of it and the molds at the 2:08 minute mark in this video made me think you might still have the capability to do one offs for special orders. I’ll follow-up with those you recommended. https://youtu.be/G436ISOZJ-w

Upon looking more closely at the image I made reference to in the linked video, it’s not the 5977, but rather a 3 carb top for a different application than mine, versus the 5977 4 carb version I’m chasing. I have since been assisted in ensuring it is the 5977 4-Weber top with the carb configuration as pictured on page 14 of the 1998 Offenhauser catalog. I appreciate all the assistance with my search for the 5977.