To whom it may concern,
Good afternoon. My name is John Gibbs and I’m 31 years old from Livonia Michigan.
Yesterday my good friend Marty gave me a 1978 ford 300 4.9L straight six and a 1974 small block Chevy. I think the Chevy is seized up pretty good though.
He was going through a rough time and he needed to get rid of both motors. He did not want to at all but he did what he needed to do. Since the Ford is in a lot better condition than the Chevy I was going to build it for him, paint it really nice and give it back as a surprise.
I was wondering if you wanted to donate any parts for it? Right now anything at all would be greatly appreciated. If not I completely understand and no hard feelings. But if you can I’ll get gladly make a display board with all the information on the motor and give you the recognition that you need. Also send you pictures of the rebuild as it happens.
If you need any information on the motor please let me know. Or if you have any other questions please let me know. Thank you and I appreciate your time. Have a great day.
John Gibbs
12010 Cardwell
Livonia MI 48150

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