1090 intake

Hi Sindre, Ports 1,4,6,7 and handled by one side of the intake. So half of each carb handles 1,4,6,7. If you are sitting in the vehicle, it’s the right side. Here in the US that would be the passenger side. We would focus on your jets on the two carbs on the...

6227c Availability

Is there a date yet for when the 6227 will be in stock anywhere? I have been looking at every site that sells one or even pretends too and have not been able to find anything? Really want to buy one of these intakes please

Chrysler Hemi Quad Weber

Unfortunately the Weber top (part number 5985) is no longer being manufactured. If you are interested in browsing the used market, part #’s: 5979, 5980, and 5986 can also be used as a substitute to 5985.

When is the Ford 300 intake going to be available?

Thank you for your interest in our Ford 300 intake. These are extremely popular intakes, and are currently on back order through our distributors. An order must be placed before our distributor can give you an exact ETA.